My father was a preacher which labeled me as a “PK” (preacher’s kid). I was raised within the confines of the Christian religion. I witnessed the reality behind the shiny facade of the church. Faced with a system that was inherently flawed and contradictory I looked for other truths in magic, science, alternate religions, and philosophy. My work unifies elements from each of these disciplines and meshes installation with performance. I am asking for us to bend and flex our minds to see beyond our individual belief systems; to seek the universal connection between us all.

Installations themselves are artworks that work with thresholds, and on thresholds, between different spheres and states. Of crucial importance are the subtle transitions between the physical, aesthetically organized space constituted by an installation, and the reflecting, sensing viewer who moves through it. These transitions regard the relationship between subject and object, structure and movement, space and ritual. I use performance as a way to further activate these spaces.For me performance is a way to render a fragment of the humanism we seek; it provides insights and sensibilities to make us more alert to our endlessly shifting world. Performance allows for the layering of ideas and commentary. Most importantly it allows the opportunity for spectatorship to become participatory.